Future Music show #10 // 30/11/11

Catch my fortnightly show on http://www.future-music.co.uk this Wednesday from 10pm – midnight GMT – for those that haven’t sussed it yet, it doesn’t involve leaving your home, by the power of the world wide interweb I will beam music into your chosen space (you just need to click the link!)

This time around, tracks queued from Claro Intelecto, Quietpoint, Untold Andy Stott and some Uncharted Audio goodness.

… to get a flavour of previous shows, check the archive in the ‘Future Music Archived Sets’ here:

Direct link to the set from last show: http://www.mooki.co.uk/mixes/Future%20Music%20Archived%20Sets/stayhome_-_future_music_mix_09_(16-11-11).mp3