techliks @ ginglik this saturday

big line up for this saturday!!!

Electronica, techno, breaks


Since the 80’s, A GUY CALLED GERALD, has proven to be among the most innovative modern music figures. His influence is international, and through his versatility he has spawned genres and generations of music culture. He is probably most recognised by acid house junkies for “voodoo ray” although he also wrote “pacific” with 808 state with whom he was a member until the release of their first album “newbuild”. Now in 2010 he is still the revolutionary, making the concept of the DJ extinct in terms of how we once knew it. Not only is he unique in that he brings his entire production suite into the club for every performance, but it is a genuine LIVE act; a constant interaction with the crowd, a fluid jam session with an instinctive keyboard riff just as likely as a flurry of bass, always pushing the sound system’s capabilities to the limit and then some.


“…a dexterity few DJ’s can harness” (One Week To Live). Kone-R is the man behind the Uncharted Audio record label, which has introduced the likes of Cursor Miner, LJ Kruzer, Kings Have Long Arms and plenty of other weird and wonderful sonic tomfoolery to the world. Manning the turntables since 1992 when he discovered the joy of warehouse raves, the spirit of that era lives on in his sets today, with a liberal sprinkling of ambience, techno, breakbeats and plenty of low frequency oscillations. Despite the length of time he’s spent in the booth, he maintains a cutting edge – you’re as likely to hear him drop fresh dubplates by up and coming acts alongside the latest cuts from Berlin to Detroit as you are to hear vintage rave, classic disco and timeless electro. Listen to Kone-R’s recent mix for Delta9:

DJ Stayhome

His sets come in various flavours — spend a couple of hours with him and you’re likely to hear anything from crunchy melodic hip hop through to the heavier side of dubstep. If you like tracks with a cheeky side to them (and a whole lot of BASS!) you can count on finding them in his sets.

Check some recent stuff here:

Ginglik’s resident VJ SuRReaLaRTIST pushes the boundaries of live clubland visuals. Turning the beats into light, colour and shape creating a truly multi-sensory dance floor experience. Mixing an eye popping blend of tough graphics, cult films, timelapse, CGI, lasers, stop-frame animation, surrealism & abstraction; all with a bit of dark humour thrown in there for good measure. Your retinas won’t know what to do with themselves!

Full Members free / P.A.Y.G. Members & guests £6 before 10pm / £8 after / 7pm-3am

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